Sewing: Crochet Hook Case

I found this on Pinterest.

Its awesome.  I needed something cool to put my hooks in so I gave it a try.

Keep in mind I am not a seamstress.  But I like it  :)

The link above gives some great examples, I also documented my experience for a hook case.

The book I found a a thrift store and thought it was perfect.  I always say I love grannies cause of the symmetry.  "Brief Analytic Geometry".

Materials:  Glue gun, fabric, book with the pages out, exacto knife, ruler, scissors, and a piece of Bristol Board we had left over from another project.  (you want to add something like this or cardboard to the book binding to give it some structure.)

You will also need a sewing machine and stick pins.

So I tried to do this: 

But it totally didn't work out.  there was stitches everywhere and I was really nervous I was going to break the needle on the hooks.  I finished this piece but quickly threw it out.  I elected to go this route instead. 

I used the failed piece to measure out another piece.  It was 10cm by 10cm.  I kinda just put the hook on it and eye balled the sizing.  Its a cut up t-shirt so there is more give than most fabrics. (also, this is why I can't sew, too much "eye-ballin")

I used this stitch so I didn't have to try to fold it under and have an extra stitch.

Next I sewed on the reverse side.  A ruffle from the shirt to hold needles, and a little pouch to hold my scissors that I can't seem to keep my hands on.

Next you're going to hot glue it onto the book.  Don't forget you have to fold the edges under, don't glue to far out or you will have to rip it off.  I did.

Done.  :)  Like I said, Its not perfect.  But I really like learning more about my sewing machine and playing around with it.  :shrug:  I like it. 

Flower and Bow Headbands

One of the things I couldn't show you until now are these...

I made these for my 11 year old cousins.  Each one took under 5 mins and I found myself wishing that I wouldn't look ridiculous wearing them.

I picked up a pack of headbands at Target and used a simple bow and flower pattern.  I happened to have the yarn that matched the colors really well.

In the bow, I wrapped it together and around the headband at the same time.

In the flower I added the button and used that to affix it to the headband.

I used 4ply yarn and my trusty G hook.

I'm happy to say the girls seemed to love them.


DforV: DONE!

I ended up with 331.  I'm missing 5.  I'm not worried about it.

 And now for the hard part.  

Sewing all these little buggars together.

Also, I was shooting for her 1st birthday.  That was Nov 21st.  Then Christmas.  That's in 4 days.

Towards the end this wasn't something that I exactly enjoyed doing.  I can knock out 20 in an hour and a half.  I had about 30 other projects for Christmas, an ornament exchange with my lady friends and an art show that I participated in.  So I decided to lift my goals for this blanket.  Vi will not know or care when I gave it to her.  Just that I made it for her.  I hope she grows to like yellow, gray and blue.  I still hate green.


On to the next big project.  It's for baby of a couple that are awesome.  I just hope they get the reference.  I have one month to complete.  :)


Super Simple Mustache.

Hi guys!!!

Been working too hard to even update this!  And on too many *secret* things  :)

Today I have for you an accident.  I made a fu manchu while trying to make a curly mustache. Opps and yay.

Its easy. Just one row;

Ch 20
sl into the second ch from the hook.
then do this....
sl, sl, sc, hdc, dc, tr, dc, 2hdc, sl, 2hdc, dc, tr, dc, hdc, sc, sl, sl, sl
Tie off and sew in.